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How Fanz Collectibles Work

How Fanz Collectibles Work

Choose Your Collectible

We have a range of products from NFL helmets, college football helmets, MLB baseballs, college baseballs, NBA basketballs, college basketballs, and even Youth Sports teams. Be sure to check our basics selection for other sports options.

Upload Your Photo

Once you’ve chosen your collectible, it’s time to select the image you want inside! Upload a memory from your camera roll or computer that will appear inside the collectible. Choose a memory you'll never want to forget!

Order Your Collectible

Once you've customized your collectible, you'll be ready to order! Each Fanz Collectible comes inside a display box, perfect for gifting and a happiness guarantee.

Cherish Your Collectible!

Cherish the memory inside your one-of-a-kind piece of sports memorabilia. Thanks for shopping Fanz Collectibles. We are a fan of you!

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